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lam_joe_yeh wire cut product
Formerly known as Sunyou Engineering Works (Reg No.001049664P) established since 1996. We provide precision wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) services to the engineering and tool making industries. We have experience in this field and have made quality of work coupled with good service the foundations of this business.

Wire EDM is used to produce precision two-dimensional components such as Mould, Punches, Dies, Plastic mould, Templates and Gauges, Jigs, Cams, Electrodes, Retainers, Gears, Tools, individual custom parts. Hardened tool steels, carbon steels, aluminums, copper, bronze, super alloys, molybdenum, titanium and even tungsten carbide can be cut with ease. Accuracies of better than 5 microns and surface finishes down to 2 microns can be achieved.

Today's industrial environment demands an ever-increasing need for precision parts at competitive prices. With the very latest equipment and CAD/CAM interfaces, We work together with our customers to create successful results utilizing our specialized equipment and persistence to achieve the desired results.